A new spreadsheet for dividend investment tracking

Posted By on November 12, 2017

It has been a challenging year to get my old spreadsheets to update property after changes in sources for the dividend tracking financial data. Since the 1990s I’ve used Yahoo as a data source to use with Excel or Google Sheets and for the most part they have been satisfactory. After changes at Yahoo in the early part of this year, I had to modify how to pull data. Eventually I found a way to use a combination of Google Finance and Yahoo Finance until ANOTHER change at the end of October.

After struggling for a week or so, I finally found a couple guys who had been building a similar spreadsheet on Google Sheets and were sharing how they pulled data from iextrading – so far it seems to be working well … BUT I’ve lost years of data and don’t intend to rebuild it again. So for now, I’ll start tracking from November which will give me a good start for 2018 unless we get shut off again. If you have a dividend investing and trading strategy, check out twoinvesting.com


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