Keeping knobs on cabinet doors/drawers. Out comes the epoxy!

Posted By on December 31, 2017

BrokenKitchenKnobsLet’s end 2017 with a kitchen cabinets knob repair. One of the changes to our new kitchen were the crystal looking knobs … Brenda felt they were too small. So we added larger ones, but the adhesive they used is not as solid as it should be, so out comes the epoxy and clamped in my bench (below).
Speaking of epoxy, I put together an "Epoxy Bucket" with every kind of adhesive, tape, stick’em that I could think of, along with rags, brushes, mixing cup and sticks for Taylor and Drew. I suspect it will be one of those handy items when needing to make a home repair – I use epoxy all the time and even probably when it is the the right "fix" for the job! HA!



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