Once again disgusted with my cable and Internet provider

Posted By on January 12, 2018

cincibellbilingLast spring I was so disgusted with the Time Warner to Spectrum change for cable and Internet along with their price increase that I switched to Cincinnati Bell Fioptics. The painful rewiring and equipment switch worked to my favor and lower the bill with the help of a representative that handled everything as if he knew exactly what I wanted and needed. I could not have been happier.

Fast forward 9 months and whatever goodwill Cincinnati Bell Fioptics had going for themselves from the customer service perspective they lost with a series of increases to our bill. December to January the "loss of a rebate" as it was explained, along with a "bundle increase" caused my bill to go up 12.5%. Then unknown to me, the next bill was also going to see another 6% increase meaning an 18% jump in 2 months. This was one of my biggest gripes with TWC and Spectrum!  After complaining to a foreign sounding  representative, "Markus" was able to magically waive part of the upcoming increase until the end 2018 (so he says, we’ll see?)  So with no change of service on my part, after 9 months of service with the new provider, my monthly cable and internet has gone up 13% from my sign up period and likely would have gone up 18% if I would not have made a fuss. Am I suppose to be happy?

I’m sure I’m not the only one frustrated with how these semi-utility companies operate. It is a lousy way to run a business.


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