The BMW X5 35d diesel is set for another 15K

Posted By on May 16, 2018

The BMW X5 35d hit 170,000 miles and that meant it was overdue for an oil change. The last change was also the high end imported Ravenol, but required an extra quart about 4000 miles ago. I suppose that is par for the course now that this diesel is 8 years old? Nevertheless, I do feel spending $80 for 8 quarts of oil and a filter is a bit high for this old of vehicle, but if it prevents early engine and twin turbo wear for another 15,000 miles perhaps it is worth it.

For the last year or so the X5 has been performing flawlessly. Up until my last fuel fill I haven’t had any engine or electrical faults to check on or clear. Unfortunately after the last fuel fill at UDF, a check engine light came on. My initial thought was a loose fuel cap, but re-seating it did not solve the problem. I plugged in my Carly for BMW dongle and iPhone app to clear the code but it continues to return. Pull the printout (below), but I have not been able to figure it out.

Carly for BMW – detailed Fault-Code Log

Found Faults:
–Engine / Motor–
*** 4C87:Low pressure Abgasrueckfuehr-Cooler, plausibility ***
Fault-Set 1 – ( 273016 km)

Activation period for the main injection 1: 159.04 us
Actuator voltage Up-level (1 byte) 0: 142.00 V
ambient pressure: 741.18 hPa
Averaged value of the last three stored values ​​self-diagnosis by the NOx sensor upstream of the SCR: -399.80 %
Charge current limit (1 byte) 5: 894.12 mA
Cylinder-specific diagnostic information 4: 51.00 –
Discharge amount during time with increased quiescent current: 23.33 Ah
DSMEnv_stECUEnv: 160.00 –
EGR valve – output duty: 0.39 %
Exhaust gas temperature before catalytic converter: 238.24 degC
Exhaust gas temperature before particulate filter – corrected value (1 byte): 233.33 degC
ID 2 for synchronization in the function monitoring: 0.00 –
Injection amount PoI2 before correcting the fault monitoring: -88.47 mg
Injection quantity – quantity setpoint without compensation scheme (1 byte): 11.76 mg/hub
maximum rail pressure of the last 10ms: 400.00 bar
MoCSOP_ctErrMM_mp 3: 98.00 –
Performance EKP (U * I) filtered: 17.00 W
Rail pressure – Setpoint: 996.08 bar
Rail pressure control valve – nominal value of the drive: 1576.47 mA
skilled performance of EKP for controlling the diesel filter heater: 2004.30 W
status DSC: 79.00 –
Status MSR engagement: 4832.00 –
Swirl flap – corrected actual position: -84.31 %
vehicle speed: 163.00 km/h


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