Music Monday: Butler County Ohio starts 17th Roundabout

Posted By on June 18, 2018

YesRoundabout72When two "roundabout" mentions pop up at the same time, it makes me think that this is a most necessary post!
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Obviously neither has anything to do with each other, but I happened to be reading an article highlighting Construction starts this month on Butler County’s 17th roundabout in our local paper, the Pulse Journal, as a song was playing in my ears … and thought, what a perfect segue for a Music Monday post.

In 1971 the English rock ban Yes released a song on their album Fragile call "Roundabout," later release as a single in the U.S. call "Long Distance Runaround." I just happened to be playing the 70s on 7 station on my SiriusXM app while I was reading the article and the song came on!

 Coincidence? "I think not!"

  Roundabout | YES – 1971


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