’75 MGB lives!

Posted By on May 9, 2005

Mother’s Day 2005 was a good day for both mom and son. Taylor (turning 16 this summer) had a great day as he had an opportunity to drive our 1975 MBG we have been working on this winter. Last month we were able to finish the mechanical work on the engine and without a hitch brought it back to life after a long sleep. (last start was 1992)

Taylor with 1975 MGB Project

Actually we had a chance to drive it back and forth in the driveway a few weeks ago, but Sunday was the first real drive around the yard since replacing brakes, lines, rotors, etc. So far the new Weber carb and Peco large bore straight through exhaust is flawless. Its going to be a fun rag top! (Well actually the father -son project already is and I realize that not every dad has a chance to bond with a son in his teens around a common interest.)

Check out a 1.9 meg WMV video clip of Taylor buzzing around the yard. 🙂 (is he ready to drive or what!)

1975 MGB around yard


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