It was good to get away to sunny Florida for a restful beach week

Posted By on May 2, 2021


Although I know much of the country has lived locked down for much of the year, Brenda and I have probably done a little more than most. She has worked in the pharmacy without much of a break and since the COVID19 vaccinations have started, has been very busy. We had planned a trip to Florida in March, but was asked to delay since Kroger Pharmacy was heavily involved in vaccination clinics. She complied and we moved our spring getaway vacation week to the end of April. So glad the weather was perfect for our vacation.


Nothing was on my schedule as far as condo or boat work since I was down in February and hauled since Encore needs new bottom paint, a new cutlass bearing and a new stuffing gland. If the weather would have turned lousy, I would have heading up to the boat since I need to get parts ordered … but the beach weather was too nice.


We did notice a bit more seaweed on the beach, but the breeze bringing it ashore was appreciated when the mid-day temperatures closed in on 90 degrees … so no complaint. Brenda felt good and was busy cleaning the condo (I probably do not keep it to her standards) and I did a little touching up (very little).



Besides walking on the beach, we walked the condo grounds, met up and talked with Mrs. Woodcock and nearly stepped on this baby Southern Ring-necked Snake.



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