Added a gas powered wood splitter to my list of man-toys

Posted By on May 4, 2015


With the piles of new firewood in the woods after the latest “big expense,” what’s a few more dollars? So I bought a wood splitter.

LogSplitterBoxIMG_5135 LogSplitterCartIMG_5138 LogSplitterIMG_5142


Instead of borrowing my dad’s small electric splitter as usual, I “had” decided to rent a larger LogSplitterEngIMG_5141gasoline powered splitter so LogSplitterAssemblyIMG_5140I could haul to where the logs were … but after pricing and pondering, found a new-in-box mid-sized splitter for half-price. A quick road trip with the trailer (it’s 400 lbs), I haul it home the new 20-Ton model and assembled it over the weekend. To my surprise, it works far better than expected considering the suggestions to buy a larger model. Hopefully I’ll be able to get ahead of the summer honeysuckle and weed grow AND before the poison ivy takes hold.



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