Even news savvy Americans struggle to grasp Mueller report

Posted By on May 3, 2019

You are not alone in wanting the Trump-Russia collusion story and investigation to end. Americans in both parties are tired of this investigation and "thought" that AG-William-Barr-defends-handling-of-Mueller-report-at-Senate-hearingafter finally getting the summary from the US Attorney General William Barr (right), and the release of the full $30 million Mueller investigation report (with security redactions), that it was done? Nope … it seems the political hype is just beginning.

As we recall, the initial investigation was started to see if the 2016 Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the results of the election — to that end (after 2 years), the investigation turned up that it did not (if anything, it discovered that the Democrats running the Hillary Clinton campaign paid a UK spy to create a dossier that was used by the FBI to secretly wiretap their Republican adversary). RobertMueller

Since the wheels of the investigation didn’t stop at "collusion," Robert Mueller also looked into the charge of "obstruction of justice" after President Trump took office. In other words, there was nothing on the original "collusion" charge, but perhaps there wass an attempt by POTUS to prevent further investigating that "might" turn up something?

The full report was not complementary for Donald Trump … but neither Mueller or Barr saw evidence of the original "collusion charge," nor did they believe the "obstruction" could be successfully prosecuted. So Why are Democrats in congress continuing to pursue charges against William Barr or wanting to impeach President Trump? Answer: Politics.

President Donald TrumpNational Day of Prayer 2019

With a strong economy and reasonable success in handling political leaders on a world stage, President Trump has a good track record heading into the 2020 election. The GOP tax reform and cuts have stimulated jobs, hiring and strengthened American businesses while the rest of the world struggles. Hopefully even Democrats will even recognize that having strong US companies, low employment and rising wages is a good thing for our country. About the only complaints that come from both parties about the president are his thin-skinned tweets and abrasive personality. His success in the face of this investigation, left wing media bombardment and Democrat resistance at every possible turn is amazing. Imagine how great America would be if we "could" work together?


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