After 8 years as a Clermont County Planner, Taylor has accepted a new position in Batavia Township, Ohio

Posted By on May 2, 2023

It is a bitter sweet departure from Clermont County for my son Taylor. He has grown professionally and enjoyed his job as Planner for the last 8 years after moving back to Ohio from Williston, ND (being a Planner for Williams County was his first job out of college). Goodbye Taylor from his friends at Clermont CountyHe has been patient and taken on a variety of responsibilities with a bit more than usual turnover in his county government department. The added roles were great career building opportunities and not overly burdensome, yet they didn’t come with monetary or position advancement — often those ONLY comes with career moves.

Taylor Presentation Spring 2023

Thankfully for Taylor, others who have worked with him over the years were looking for a capable person to fill a vacancy and recognized his ability … and stability … and invited him to interview. He was likely on a very short list and after a very short negotiation, Taylor accepted a new position as Director of Planning and Zoning with Batavia Township; the new offices are only a few minutes from where he works currently. The transition “should” be smooth as he already knows and has worked with most of the people. 

Brenda and I are very proud of him and see the change as an excellent career move. Perhaps the only difficult part will be leaving those he works with and Clermont County which has been a great place to work (BTW, what a wonderful send off from his coworkers). Personally I hope Taylor’s positive reputation will continue to follow him and perhaps “someday” he might be asked by the County to fill an administrative position? Who knows what will happen as it is certainly helpful not to burn any bridges. 

Taylor Presentation Spring 2023


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