Tech Friday: Brydge keyboards for the new iPad Pro 2018

Posted By on November 9, 2018


Having used a Brydge keyboard with an iPad from their first introduction, I can say that IF I were to update my current iPad Air2 to the 2018 just introduced iPad Pro that I would seriously consider waiting for the 2019 Brydge keyboard they are that good.

But with all current Apple updates to products, there come higher and higher prices – and it has been significant in the last couple product cycles. The once inexpensive accessory, the cellphone, is no longer on a normal person’s  2 year upgrade cycle now that smartphones are becoming our computers. Speaking of computers, this decades models are so capable that the average user can keep them for years without feeling they are antiquated. Speed, size, battery life and storage are no longer major issues for 5 year old computers. 

Same for my first iPad2 and iPad Air2 … it still does most everything I ask of it: 1) lasts all day, 2) run relatively fast, 3) updates the current apps & iOS, 4) is small enough to carry most anywhere, and 5) has a display of an appropriate size and resolution. Do I "want" better … yes. Do I "need" better … not really. Is it worth paying twice as much for the new one than the previous model? It is hard to justify for a penny pincher like me.


Tech companies developing phones, tablets, notebook or desktop computers, their accessories and software … or even televisions … are going to step up their game by either giving me a reason to upgrade or at least entice me with a better price point and NOT double the price of the "still functioning previous model.


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