Music Monday: Doobie Brothers – China Grove

Posted By on May 20, 2019

China_GroveWhenever I hear the Doobie Brothers, I can’t help but think about being back in high school and listening to my high school pep band at basketball games (while I was behind the basket shooting photos for the paper). Several songs were regularly played as I recall … China Grove, Listen to the Music and Long Train Runnin in particular come to mind.

Besides the upbeat tempo for spirit, the music was definitely a 1970s rock and roll sound, but as it was for many bands, it was difficult to keep all members happily playing together.

The Doobie Brothers had a big change near their popularity peak and in 1975 the lead vocalist Tom Johnston quit the group. He was replaced by Michael McDonald and so began the debate as to which Doobie Brothers you preferred.  The first YouTube archived concert video is from 1974 with Tom Johnston.

The second below is with Michael McDonald in 1982:

Eventually the “aged group” reassembled with Tom Johnson and continues to tour and play music … I’m guessing mostly for an older crowd?  Here’s a LINK to a concert just after that in 1990.


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