A Mellow Music Monday: A few songs from The Carpenters

Posted By on July 1, 2019

It doesn’t seem that long ago, but I posted a favorite from The Carpenters back in January of 2017 … and for some reason the soothing music of Karen and Richard Carpenter came to mind this past week. Perhaps it was the few days we spent on Put-In-Bay contemplating the quieter lifestyle that “much of the year” occurs when living on an island … or maybe it has been the enjoyable week putzing around slowly fixing the gate on our fence? In any case, here are a few more 1970s songs for the Music Monday mp3 archives — I do miss The Carpenters.

  The Carpenters | 1 – 3
  The Carpenters | 4 – 5
  The Carpenters | 6 – 8
  The Carpenters | 9 – 10


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