A workbench repair and a cool oil filter wrench idea

Posted By on August 31, 2019

WorkbenchRepair190827Last week I brought my old Poulan chainsaw back to life for a few dollars after giving away my newer one, but I ended up damaging my workbench while adjusting the carburetor jets. The saw was still in several pieces (without filter, the bar, chain or guard on) while making tune-up adjustments and I accidentally left the spinning clutch housing rub the front edge of my bench. By the time I smelled the burning wood, it was too late and a 1/2” gash had be cut into the oak face board. Really no big deal  as it is a “work”bench after all, but the rough notch bugged me each time I stood in front of it.

So, while cleaning it off the other night, I decided to go a step further and patch it with some automotive body putty and then reseal the bench with leftover water-based urethane (it was getting old and I really need to use it up). I’ll still see the scar as a reminder to be a little more careful, but at least the front edge “feels” like it is back to normal again.

As for another workshop tip, here is on that I stumbled on in a group. Someone posted a video using an old chunk of gear chain with a box end wrench rather than a rubber strap or old belt that I’ve used before. Looks like a great tip if you can get the combination of wrench and chain into the often cramped quarters. I still thought it was worth making an animated GIF from the short video below.



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