Hurricane Dorian upgraded to Category 3, but Cat 4 is likely

Posted By on August 30, 2019

EncoreSunshine190206As Floridians and those in the northern Bahamas prepare for Dorian, the first major hurricane to directly hit Florida’s Atlantic coast since Andrew (a Cat 5) in 1992, those of us with a vested interest out-of-state will not be sleeping well this weekend.

There isn’t much we can do besides check our insurance policies and hope our meager preparations will be enough to offer some protection. In hindsight, there is always more I could have done to prepare Encore … although not really much if there is a direct hit, since she is in the water. I could have added a few more lines, but that probably won’t make a difference.

Not being there before the storm hits, I feel sort of helpless in not being able to check on things or do anything to protect her  from the surge, wind and other boats.

The latest strengthening and landfall projection from 8/30/2019 Friday 9AM forecast map
National Geographic articleas well.


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