Working on the mirror bases for the condo master bathroom

Posted By on September 1, 2019


Well they don’t look like much yet, but I’ve been working on the corner mirrors for the Condo1718 master bathroom update. The mirror will be 15” by 38” and will have a 1/2” beveled edge – Brenda’s request ($$). The planned framing will be 3/4” Mosaic tiles that my wife will be trying for the first time (crossing my fingers), but I think will look unique and add a bit of tropical color. Hopefully, all my measurements are correct and that the two matching mirrors will mount with the new special aluminum clips – I’m trying them for the first time.

I debated fully taping the entire mirrors, but the process of glue or Thinset mortar and then grout had me concerned … besides transporting them down to Florida scratch-free would likely be tricky if I didn’t tape them up. Stay tuned for the finished results above the new vanities, if the condo is still there after Dorian comes ashore. 😉



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