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Posted By on August 5, 2019


While Brenda and I wait for the new season of our favorite book-to-television Amazon Prime’s “Man In The High Castle” series, we (or should I really say “she”) KidsInStrangerThingsgot hooked on the popular binge watched series “Stranger Things.”

It is amazing how our television habits have changed in this past decade? Gone are the weekend “video” and DVD rentals or even streaming of feature films; now everyone it seems is watching new original content series show from companies like Netflix and Amazon. I’m sure there are others, but frankly I don’t need or want anymore subscriptions services.  On a side note, someone from one of my car groups posted about seeing our W123 cars x400used in one of the episodes – car guys always notice these things, be they Mercedes diesels or Volkswagen TDIs on the screen.


Also, another Netflix related book-to-movie, J.D. Vance’s “Hillbilly Elegy,” directed by Ron Howard is in the local news last week as the filming crews are building sets (Pulse Journal photo) and preparing for filming in Middletown Ohio this August 5th (the author’s hometown and the basis of book – photo below at a local coffeeshop earlier this year when Howard was negotiating and scouting the area for filming – it almost didn’t happen). 



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