Tech Friday: Overcoming Paywalls with the help of Pocket

Posted By on August 9, 2019

Currently, I pay for a few subscriptions. Some pricey (Wall Street Journal, Barrons, etc) because I avidly read them. Others, like monthly magazines, NYTimesPaywallI continue to pay for and rarely get around to reading, especially online only subscriptions. Several others, I occasionally receive a link or click on one from those annoying “reader apps” that are almost being forced on us by developers or even Apple with their News+ app.

Since I usual prefer reading from the source on a generic browser like Firefox, Safari or less and less, Chrome or Edge… the paywall issue is exceedingly more common. Usually the publisher permits a few articles each month without a subscription, but every company is different. Besides using bogus credentials, flushing the browser cache or using VPNs to mask your “reappearance,” here is a way to handle the growing number of paywalls.SaveToPocket

This method mentioned by my friend Jeff, who like me, uses the GetPocket “Save to Pocket” extension to save links. Often a way to bypass a publishers paywall is to click the bookmark bar button that “saves” the article — it will often bypass the paywall and save a copy of the article.

Here’s a paywall protected automotive article from the NYTimes that I wanted to read this week … saved to Pocket.

(Click photo above for PDF Pocket version or this LINK to original article)

Since the html Pocket page printed to PDF didn’t work well, here’s a page to JPG version below.


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