Is a little consistency in Amazon delivery too much to ask?

Posted By on August 10, 2019

AmazonPrimeLogo2019I’m becoming increasingly grouchy over paying for Amazon Prime (now $119/yr) and dealing with various shipping problems that have been popping up. This past year, I have have several shipping issues with Amazon reporting one thing and then delivering another. Usually a delay, in for the most part very impressive delivery speeds, isn’t a life-changer, but “accuracy” of information can no longer be trusted (truth in advertising).  Likely most of this is related to the use of 3rd party sellers and using delivery drivers/services that are difficult to control, BUT Amazon’s service is no longer as dependable as it once was.


AmazonShipping190808Personally I’d like to see a bit more consistency when ordering on the Amazon platform especially when it comes to Prime delivery and receiving notifications. After placing a small order with an add-on product, one item is set to be delivered the next day and the other indicated SHIPPED, with a delivery window of 20+ days  … with perhaps not even receiving the product within the next month?  Of course it is too late to cancel the order and I’m assuming this is a product from an overseas wholesaler or being sold by a “drop shipper.” (see NPR Cat Scam – Ripple Rug podcast)

How about Amazon tightening up on their 3rd party sellers or at least tightening up their shipping policies so customers aren’t stuck with long delays in order fulfillment and extremely open ended month long delivery times?

EDIT: And after I saved this post, wouldn’t you know … another dependability issue with Amazon deliveries.


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