Sanding – my favorite part of woodworking #sarcasm

Posted By on April 15, 2020


Instead of spending time this past Easter weekend dressing,going to church and getting together with family, I spent a few more hours sanding … Google_17LakeviewJamestownNY_Aug2019and sanding … and sanding. My goal is to get this old exterior black walnut door (super thick veneer over oak – see above photo) ready to take a traditional oil finish and pivot-hang as a visual divider in our updated library/music room where I added the new bookshelves.

The old door has personal memories for Brenda as it was from her father’s dental office when he first remodeled it. Decades ago I helped clear out some of the old items stored in the attic, basement and garage with him and a couple of the old doors were just too impressive to throw away. One of them was varnished too many times to count and the other one I still have is fully painted DoorFromDentalOffice_JamestownNY200411(I’m not sure what the wood is on it as I haven’t scraped or stripped it to see).

Now the property is just residential, but the 17 Lakeview Ave dental office and apartments holds memories.

They just don’t make them like they once did, but who really can hang an old wood door with single pane beveled and lead-glass individual windows on their house nowadays and have it do the job of fitting without swelling or leaking air … let alone insulating as well as a new pre-hung door?


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