Bookshelves artwork display area update and spring flowers

Posted By on April 11, 2020

The bookshelves have been on-again, off-again as the laborious painting and improved spring weather dictates my indoor verses outdoor activities. I did get a chance to finish the “art display area” in the center bookshelf section … and so far, so good.


My plan was to create a little depth perception by bring the art piece about 4-1/4” off the wall, thereby giving the framed (or unframed) artwork a shadow depth effect. It works , but the LED lighting has been challenging since it is either too bright – when the room is dark – or too dim if the room is bright. I could add a dimmer (and still might) but that would mean constantly adjusting the lighting which I doubt after the first few times will be worth it. Perhaps we will live with it as-is for a while and get some feedback our family and friends? Currently I’ve added it to the smarthome automation using the Amazon Alexa “sunset” and “goodnight” routines to switch it automatically. So far Brenda is very happy with the idea of rotating and accenting some of of the art we have collected. Each piece holds a special memory from at trip or time in our lives.

Since I pulled out the Lumix GX8 DSLR for the above photo, I decide to snap a couple spring flower snapshots as I seem to do every year. Below are the lilacs and phlox … after a 5-years-ago post (different camera) reminded me that those of us who enjoy photography should be taking photos with better cameras rather than our smartphones … at least once in a while!

Lilacs200407FlocksFlowers200407(click photos for larger higher quality versions)


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