Woodworking idea to better clamp a table saw featherboard

Posted By on June 27, 2020


FeatherboardClamping200405I’ve used the same combination of featherboards on my table saw for years (photo left). I also have a Shopsmith commercial featherboard which fits the smaller table perfectly, but it only works to hold larger sized pieces against the fence on my cabinet saw.

Then there is the temporary one that I made 40 years ago (photo left) and I’ve never bothered to replace it. When I need a hold-place, it tends to be the one I use most often and have a pinched wedge trick to hold it firmly to the table (click for larger). I’ve never bothered to make a new one or even a better way to clamp it in place.

So I’m saving the photo above and will make it a project on some cold and rainy day … if Mark Jones doesn’t beat me to it – lower section of this post!



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