Biden and Trump debate as the 2020 Presidential Election nears

Posted By on September 30, 2020

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With best intentions, I had hoped to post on Tuesday night’s first of 3 presidential debates for Wednesday morning – nopemaybe over lunch?

I am with those who are embarrassed at what we now see and hear from our political leaders. To be honest, the “offensive to me” juvenile name-calling sideshow, that rallied Candidate Trump to victory in 2016, seems mild compared to last night. The debate … or debacle … was what one might expect in a union hall or testosterone heavy military bar. I’m sure there are some of us who still prefer civility and respectful exchanges in debates covering political ideology, platforms and leadership accomplishments/failures verses hyperbolic claims and personal attacks?

If anything came from this for Joe Biden, it was that the VP looked more capable and less senile than expected. On the other hand, his exaggeration, presidential disrespect and disregard in choice of words (stupid, liar, shut-up man, etc) make President Trump’s juvenile nicknames for candidates seem mild. I couldn’t help but think about those moms, dads and teachers who try everyday to instill manors, catjedifight_aniappropriate behavior and respectful word choices in their children or students … this can’t possibly help them support either candidate? 

About the only thing positive and helpful that I could come away with was to look at the “groups” lined up to defend and support each candidate. These groups are at least clear in their objective for the country and some are truthful in their political ideology. On the left there are the in-you-face groups … from BLM = Marxist, Bernie Sanders = socialism … and the “idea” group called ANTIFA (reference to Biden only recognizing them as an idea). Equally vocal, but usually less violent are the Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood big money elites, along with  career government bureaucrats, leftist educators, environmentalists and globalists. There is overlap, but if you align best with these groups, you’ll probably support the Democrat’s platform that sees America as unfair, racist and significantly flawed.


To correct this injustice, the left needs political power to make constitutional and policy changes. Only then can they restrain citizens from making their own decisions aligned with their beliefs or advantageous to their careers or businesses. Only a bigger and a more dictatorial central government can do this, so more control is what they need. Instead of the Power to the People slogan from the 1960s … the left wants more power in the Federal government so they can control people.

Personal liberty and freedom are casualties in bigger and centralized government. The “groups” of people on the right opposed to a larger central government tend to support President Trump (he does A LOT with the the power he already is granted as President). For the most part, his supporters, and those likely pinching their nose to vote for him, do not want to see American’s individual rights siphoned away. They prefer free enterprise capitalism … operating fairly within our anti-monopoly laws …as opposed to socialism (government owned) or just more government regulated business (traditional liberal left). Those on the right believe lower taxes restricts government growth and in turn keeps them less intrusive in our everyday lives. If you want more services from government, vote for  them locally. Conservatives on the right believe keeping taxes low also stimulates our economy by letting people chose where to spend their money rather then Washington DC bureaucrats spending it.

Most standing with President Trump also believe America is inherently good and that the existing laws should be obeyed and enforced … equally.  They also recognize our flaws and believe in amending the Constitution as our founding fathers prescribed. To a conservative, the Supreme Court’s job is to rule based on Constitution as written and not a justice’s personal ideology or political view. TrumpBiden1stDebate200928The later is the legislatures job – write the laws and amend the Constitution – it’s not suppose to be easy. Radical change to an individuals’ rights or granting more power to the government should not be taken lightly … or happen quickly.

As for the above “groups in alignment” theory as a “positive” coming from the debate, President Trump is more closely aligned with citizens who are concerned with “law and order.” The political right supports those who are defending us everyday, both in the military and law enforcement. There is a noticeable appreciation for the tough job they are asked to do, including those who work to keep us safe on the front lines … from fires in California, to flooding after hurricanes or damage after tornados. This past year, most right-leaning Americans have openly shown their appreciation to the first responders and essential workers battling COVID19 (although to be fair, those on the political left have as well).

Other vocal groups supporting Republicans over Democrats are those who side with pollical conservatives for a variety of reasons: faith organization, law enforcement, small business, farmers, pro-life voters and dare I say, those who prefer traditional American values that respect religious freedom, stand with their hand over their heart for the flag and the National Anthem … and do not want their first and second amendment infringed.

Perhaps the biggest political change is the support backing President Trump from blue-collar America. Traditionally this group has been solidly life-long Democrat …  but many are now seeing their party change. Their jobs and wages are under threat from illegal immigrants who now want legal status or by companies choosing to outsource their jobs overseas. They have watch Trump twist enough arms, reduced regulations and taxes over the past 4 years, in order to persuade companies to bring jobs and manufacturing back to the US; he has prioritized better trade deals favoring American workers and companies. Energy independence hasn’t hurt either as it both keeps cost down for all and created American jobs – it is a big industry. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that reasonably priced energy is needed to heat homes, drive vehicles, transport goods and materials … and operate energy intensive companies. Solar and wind alone isn’t going to cut it.

To sum it up … it was a terrible debate … but I’m not sure it will change many minds, except perhaps to keep the “totally disgusted voter” home.

(my apology for typos and mistakes … but I’m too tired to proofread – nothing new!!)


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