The 2020 Presidential Campaign season has been ugly

Posted By on October 29, 2020

After all the hate during the 2016 Trump vs Clinton election, most Americans were relieved the contentious campaigning was finally over … but it was not. The political left, assisted by much of the media, celebrities and activists, continued to encourage elected Democrats to fight on, impeach President Trump on fabricated information and “resist” any and everything the president and his administration wanted to accomplish (amazing the administration was so successful in so many areas). President Trump for his part, didn’t go out of his way to mend hurt egos or repair civility … and stood up to the attacks by continuing the adversarial rhetoric as if the 2016 TrumpBiden2020campaign battle was continuing.

Fast forward to 2020 and we are in the same, if not more, divisive boat. Half the country wants Trump to continue his agenda for 4 more years and half wants him out by any means necessary. Frankly it does not seem to matter to the left who is running against him? I’m not sure they really even care who is running on the opposing ticket?

In my opinion, former VP Joe Biden isn’t the politician he once was when it comes to his cognitive abilities. He, like many at age 78, is slowing down. His 47 years in politics may give him name recognition, but very few can list his leadership accomplishments with a positive tone. He represents the political class in Washington DC (the swamp) and clearly has shifted his positions based on what voter block he is trying to attract. That does not make he unusual as a politician, but should make all voting for him suspect when it comes to where he actually will stand and govern. I’ve concluded that if you want a bigger, more invasive Federal government requiring higher taxes to fund from citizens … then you’ll likely prefer Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Prepare to give more of your money directly or indirectly to the government as well as more of your individual liberties. It is just a fact, if our country votes to move toward to the political left (the Socialist, Marxist, Communist direction), individual citizens will lose freedom.

I’ve never been an “all or none” kind of guy. Without a doubt I support Republicans over Democrats based on philosophical reasoning … but know both parties have huge flaws. Still, as a believer in a smaller Federal government, whose role as I see it, should primarily oversee the security of our nation from foreign and domestic threats. It should create economic stability for free market capitalism to thrive growing jobs and our economy, balance our country’s budget when possible and give our businesses trade, tax and intellectual property protection from each other and especially from competitors on the global stage. Just as I try in my own business and family budget … run a tight ship and don’t waste money. Wherever possible, let states and local governments compete with each other (laboratories of democracy) and let their voters choose how they want to be taxed and serviced in their own communities. Yet I’m not so naïve to know that this requires oversight; we’re all susceptible to wanting more control, being monopolistic and drifting into prejudicial unconstitutional behavior. History shows that this often happens when groups of people or corporations gain control and impose their ways over others for power or money or both.


  Never realized how difficult it would be to find an illustration that best represented how “I see” the political spectrum in the United States … this one comes close.

Let’s hope that whichever party gain more power and control in 2020, that they are believers in this country, free people to do the right thing with a little guidance, stand with Constitution and founding principles of our country. I hope they put America and Americans before their political desire for power or desire to reshape the United States.


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