Music Monday: The Coconut song always makes my wife smile

Posted By on December 28, 2020

CoconutsHarry_NilssonThe novelty song Coconut (1971) my Harry Nilsson from the early 1970s never fails to make my wife Brenda smile … as she sings along having memorized the lyrics when she was a young girl (shocked at how much “coconut” comes up? ). I’m actually grinning now visualizing her singing … “Doctor …” 😀

So for this week’s Music Monday, how about a getting in a happy mood?

  Harry Nillssen – Coconut song | 1971

EDIT: Same song, different player. I’m deciding if I should go with a new player for 2021 or if the extra clutter and features create more of a problem when it comes to downloads, etc?

Harry Nillssen – Coconut song | 1971


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