Woodworking: Collecting workbench hold-down ideas

Posted By on January 20, 2021

FancyWorkbenchHolddownIt is common when woodworking on a bench to use some kind of vise or clamp to hold down a work piece. For longer boards I’ve always used either a couple of clamps on each end or my home-built vise and square hardwood bench dogs. (below)

BUT … I’ve envied woodworkers who have 3/4” holes in their workbenches for hold down clamps that work with a tap of a mallet and spring of the steel hold-down clamp.


Since I’m not working on projects everyday, I’m currently only collecting ideas and looking at something that will work in the future. Last year I picked up a couple toggled lever holddown clamps to use on jigs and the miter saw (below), but doubt they would work well on a benchtop, so for now I’ll keep collecting ideas and thinking about it.



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