Question: Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine in Ohio yet?

Posted By on January 20, 2021

While talking with a customer on the phone today and talking about when I’ll be traveling to NE Ohio again, they asked me when they could get the Covid-19 vaccine? See Covid-19 Vaccination Program – LINK.


ModernaCOVID19vaccinesarrive210119So I figured it would be appropriate to include a screenshot from an Ohio-based health care provider in our area to answer that question (above).

While taking, DrewVaccineI also mentioned that my wife Brenda received the first batch in at their pharmacy yesterday and that Taylor’s girlfriend Megan and both Katelyn and Drew were vaccinated as part of the Phase 1A Healthcare Workers. Of course the oldest, and most at risk, “health care worker” in our family, Brenda, who is actually administering the vaccines has not. Ugh!


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