The US trend is politically left as opposing voices are squelched

Posted By on January 19, 2021

It’s not “breaking news” that we live in a changing United States of America or that propaganda and control over speech is being used to steer large swaths of the population towards leftist ideology … WeThePeoplebut what is eye-opening is just how coordinated the powers that be are in opposing the “rights” protected by our Constitution and at the same time systematically claiming several non-constitutional “leftist-wants” are now protected “rights.”

The political left since the 1960s has methodically plotted to make inroads in our free and open democracy. They have smartly used the schools and education system as a way to fill minds with leftist ideology and anti-capitalist opinion … and now seemingly back in power with nearly half the country supporting them. For many, this gives them the power to force the rest of the country under their vision and heavier bureaucratic centralized control and you’ve be naïve to not see how they are already preventing any opposing point of view to challenge their complete control (if you are a history buff, does this sound familiar?).

The progressive left is fully utilizing the compliant and agreeable mainstream media … and has the support of behemoth companies who are in full control over our computers, smartphones, search, web CensoredGraphicservers, social media and those who rely on technology (everybody)  who doesn’t use something associated with California’s Silicon Valley’s BigTech? From unprecedented spending in support of leftwing candidates and the change in “how we voted” for in 2020 (Covid-19 =  “Never let a crisis go to waste”), Democrats gain nearly full control of our Federal government. It is apparent that  they are now taking their power and control to the next level by actively censoring speech, banning news articles and opinions they(the left) decide is dangerous or isn’t factually correct, apps that “in their opinion” lack enough moderation, hiring or “deployment for duty” (National Guard)  or perceived support of an opposing political ideology, etc. (Silence them all)

It has become increasingly clear (at least to me), the progressive left has a goal to fully neutered opposition voices without yet directly dictating it from the US government (instead they’re using their political allies and propaganda shaming, the mainstream media control, Silicon Valley oligarchs and compliant corporations). Just as all oppressive countries have in the past, controlling speech and communications is a primary step in controlling people (note recently China over Hong Kong). If the First Amendment is dedicated to just “one political ideology” … are we really free to believe and say what we want? If the 1st Amendment is no longer supported by the left in our government, you can be sure the Second Amendment won’t stand for long. 

Adding to this post:
I listened to episode 52 of “This Moment in America” podcast by Megyn Kelly last night with Rep. Steve Scalise and Dennis Prager. It was one of the better interviews and I remembered why I enjoyed her show on Fox News. Dennis Prager gave me something to chew on and closed with a provocative statement that I initially dismissed, but am giving it a second thought: “The battle to maintain America and Liberty today is as big as WW2 and WW1.” (the full Spotify version of the podcast is embedded below … or just a download of the MP3 with Dennis Prager at this link).


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