Tech Friday: New 1500mAh batteries for my Lumix GX8

Posted By on February 5, 2021


When I pulled out my Lumix GX8 DSLR camera over Christmas, I noticed that the “cheap” batteries that I had purchased as LumixDMWBLC12Ebatterybackups to the primary Panasonic branded 1200mAh battery were no longer holding charges. They were still chargeable, but their life was short.

So I added a new spare battery to my shopping list for 2021, but still couldn’t stomach paying the high price for a Lumix Panasonic battery. After a little research and review reading, PowerExtra batteries had positive comments and were priced fairly on Amazon ($26.99 – Jan 2021). I know … I really want to start shopping elsewhere, but Amazon Prime service … and how they have handle complaints has been so good … that I couldn’t justify going elsewhere.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing if these two new 1500mAH batteries (with a 12VDC charger) live up to their billing. Only time will tell … but the company is off on the right foot by pricing them right, adding a camera lens cloth, ShoppingPanasonicDMWBLC12battery4Lumix_ma thank you note and snap-on plastic shield to protect the battery contacts. Well done! PowerExtraLumixBattery210105


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