Ancestry and two cute St. Patrick’s Day granddaughter photos

Posted By on March 21, 2021

Ancestry_Rich2TaylorDNAtest2019At one time I thought there might be a bit of Irish blood in my heritage mix, especially on the Corbett side, but an DNA test in 2019 suggested that there was not.

For some reason, I assumed the “known” Welsh family connection had some ties to Ireland, but there wasn’t even a percentage of Irish DNA showing on my results (I still wonder how precise this might be?). On the other hand, when comparing a mostly German DNA on my side to my son Taylor’s mix (half Brenda), his 7% Ireland/Scotland DNA must  have been from her … and unless she decides to test, we won’t know.

Still, like most Americans, we enjoyed St Patrick’s Day last week … AnnalynStPatDay210317for the fun of it. My granddaughter Annalyn did the same in pre-school, while Ellerie (1 year old!) busied herself with reading – so cute!


EDIT: Adding a weekend family hiking photo to the blog archive. 😉


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