Music Monday: Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show video. Yikes!

Posted By on March 1, 2021

drhookaniThere are some 1970s songs that I’ve listened to and heard again and again over the years, but never really given much thought to what the band When_You're_in_Love_with_a_Beautiful_Woman_-_Dr._Hookmight have looked like performing on stage?

 Dr. Hook (& the Medicine Show) happens to be one of them … and I didn’t follow  the group or know much of their music. I do remember “When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman” and a couple other Easy Listening songs. Now that is not to say, many of us looking back at old 1970’s photos, let alone video, didn’t think “Yikes!” once in a while … but this 1978 music video does stand out a bit to me and so figured it would make for an interesting late Music Monday post. 


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