Music Monday: The Beach Boys, "Fun, Fun, Fun" and some R & R

Posted By on May 3, 2021


It was a week of R and R for us with some sun and fun, so for Music Monday what better music than The Beach Boys and Fun, Fun, Fun from 1964.

BeachBoysFunFunFunBrian Wilson and Mike Love wrote the song based on a party inspired by the events of Dennis Wilson. It was originally song being worked on called “Run, Run, Run” but their then manager Murry Wilson was “dissatisfied with the song.”

Another comment was from KNAK Salt Lake City radio manager Bill “Daddy-O” Hesterman who promoted the Beach Boys said “the song was inspired by an incident involving Shirley Johnson, the station owner’s daughter. Johnson had borrowed her father’s 1963 Thunderbird, which had a University of Utah parking sticker, ostensibly to go study at the University library. Instead, she went to a drive-in theater. When the deception came to light, her driving privileges were revoked.” True or not, a “Fun, Fun, Fun” story.

  The Beach Boys – “Fun, Fun, Fun” | 1964


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