What’s new these days: Renting outdoor gear from Eddie Bauer?

Posted By on August 1, 2021

Perhaps I’ve been asleep at the wheel, but when looking to buy another pair of Eddie Bauer shorts (liked the lightweight ones I ordered last month – below), I noticed that they are promoting a “Rent Your Adventure” outdoor camping gear program. EddieBauer-RenttYourAdventureIt caught me off-guard  to see them renting outdoor gear as well as selling it … although I did not delve into pricing.


I suppose it makes perfect sense … but has it really come to people choosing to rent outdoor gear instead of buying it … and do people really rent a pair of pants like a tux in order to go camping or hiking … on the other hand,they are only $4 bucks a day … I wonder if there is a minimum timeframe (and I hope their durable and easily to clean!)



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