A project idea (below) and wasting time salvaging junk

Posted By on July 31, 2021

To salvage or toss: It is a quandary those of us who try to fix, salvage and repair things. My theory is that those of us who take thing apart as kids to see how they RewireACFanWiring_mwork, tend to be the ones doing it when they are older and collecting boxes of junk?

I often find myself “wasting time” trying to fix things, and when I can’t, I often revert to my youth and “take them apart” … for no other reason than to salvage and save the parts. These are items that I’ll likely will never need or use in the future, but seem too good to trash. It happened again last weekend when I was unable to repair a leak and recharge our leaking-refrigerant dehumidifier … and because there was refrigerant in it … I “took it apart” and dispose of some of it piece by piece.

As for the parts that are left over, I have a perfectly good and pretty efficient squirrel cage fan motor to rewire and use as a quiet air-mover … although I’m not sure where I’ll even use it? (photo above is figuring out the wiring of this capacitor start motor)

As for project ideas … … my nephew Aaron’s wife Lauren shared photo of their son with friends and family and I really like the child’s outdoor furniture idea. So besides archiving the cute photo of Emory on the blog, I’ll save it for a project idea.



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