As cracks appear we are prepared to dispute the concrete driveway

Posted By on September 14, 2021

Our end of summer driveway project has left us irritated and a bit depressed. This isn’t our first concrete project, so we do know what to expect and what is possible.DrivewayCrack210905 Our builder supervised our first driveway at this house (the finish looked good and there were no initial cracks, but after a decade it flaked off in spots). We poured additional concrete for the detached poolhouse garage (very well done), did decking around the pool with a “cool deck” finish, added the basketball turn around area and a section behind the poolhouse later, but before the asphalt (it is all fine). We had a premium stamped concrete poured for the backporch and it looks great and is holding up well. In a previous century we also did a driveway, back porch and pool with decking in Hudson, Ohio and were completely satisfied. So, we know what concrete crews are capable of and how it should look.

DrivewayNoticeBrushing210906That said, the new concrete driveway is a disappointment and is already cracking in several spots. It has a lousy brushed finish and several rain damaged spots due to pouring on a rain forecasted day. It is not going to be a pleasant meeting when they ask for my final payment (The crew still hasn’t been back to fix the pitch or add a drain we previously discussed).

More driveway photos from September 2021 below:







Still waiting for them to correct the pitch problem with a drain or something



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