Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse and our new Half-Moon Window

Posted By on May 25, 2021


The final new “half-moon” window was installed on Monday this week with the proper wagon-wheel spokes (photo below) .. which coincides Superbloodmoonwith this week’s  “Super Moon.” What makes this one somewhat unique is that there will also be a lunar eclipse where the earth shadows the moon. A total lunar eclipse completely blocks the moon, but a partial shadowed moon takes on a red tint that we refer to as blood moons. This time the eclipse coinciding with the closest approach to the Earth during it’s orbit (the moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular), so as to make the moon appear bigger and brighter. The close point in the orbit is called the “perigee” and is about 28,000 miles closer than the farthest point, which is called the “apogee.”

So if the sky is clear, be sure to be out looking at the nighttime sky for a partial lunar eclipse on May 26 … early in the morning like 5 – 6:30AM EST in the Ohio areas!




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