Tidbits: A favorite kitchen product – Glad Press’n Seal

Posted By on October 13, 2021


When it comes to  tools in the workshop, there are a few of them that I keep at arm’s length or in a small toolbox. The same goes for kitchen utensils and products.

One of my favorites, if not thee favorite, is GLAD Press’n Seal® wrap (mentioned year’s ago when I still had a Keurig). It is so easy to use that we’re reluctant to reach for plastic containers or zip-lock bags. Just stretch this “one-half tacky” plastic over a bowl or wrap a piece of fruit, stick it in the refrigerator and move on … no matching up lids or discolored over-microwaved plastic containers to mess with … we could seriously gain some kitchen cabinet space by tossing a bunch of those old containers?


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