Books: The President and the Freedom Fighter: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Their Battle to Save America’s Soul

Posted By on December 29, 2021

BrianKilmeade_ThePresident_bookThis book is on my 2022 “want to read” list and I’m unsure if I’ll opt for the audio version, ebook or paper edition (Amazon options)?

While listening to the Brian Kilmeade (the books author) talking about the “battle to save America’s soul” on a Fox News program, it has become apparent that those setting the agenda are a new breed of progressive Democrats (now unapologetically advocates for socialism). The very few traditionally-minded liberal Democrats like Sen Joe Manchin and Sen Kyrsten Sinema, who are resisting another round of TRILLIONs of dollars in social spending, are exercising common sense. For Brian Kilmeade,  I’m either sensing effective repurposing of his book title … or a crafty way of marketing his book? In either case, it is indeed fitting though as. 

Our country is in a 50/50 ideological battle between those who want to preserve individual freedom and prefer smaller government … and those who believe power and control is better when it comes from Washington DC, the elites and their central planners.Reagan-the-most-terrifying- OvertonWindowGraphic

I’m reminded everyday of why I’m a local and small government advocate versus a one-size-fits-all big Federal government proponent and voter. The longer I live, the further left in both social and fiscal policies our country is shifting and we are spending our way into a welfare state, we are at a tipping point. I know there are those who say what happened in Venezuela, Russia or China couldn’t happen here … but the direction we are going and the belief that “we can do socialism correctly” coming from the most vocal in education and leadership positions has me concerned – it has me thinking about my Overton window post.



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