Simple TableSaw or Bandsaw miter jig idea for #Woodworking

Posted By on December 28, 2021


As usual, I was late in coming across a simple workshop miter guide for my table saw, although more recently something I needed for my small bandsaw. While working on a Christmas project for my granddaughter, BandsawSled211218I needed to cut a bunch of small pieces where I didn’t lose so much wood to the table saw blade kerf. So, I opted to use the thin-bladed bandsaw to make the cuts and realized that I didn’t have a decent miter guide or miter sled (preferable). So, I took 30 minutes and made a small bandsaw sled jig (photo left) in order to make the cuts.


It just so happened a couple days later, up popped a YouTube clip with a great sliding miter guide idea … although once again, an indication Google is must be still detecting not only my interests, but tracking what I’m doing (I did not search for a miter sled or miter jig).

Anyway, I’ll include the video below and a couple screen captures above for my own archive so I can make “another” one for my woodworking workshop.


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