Books: “Wealth, War and Wisdom” by Barton Biggs (2009) and a little “How Long will the Santa Mouse Decor Remain” humor

Posted By on February 13, 2022

SantaMouseDecorWe’ve never been all that timely in getting Christmas decorations put away after the holidays, but this year we … and by “we” I mean Brenda … has been slower than usual.

To be fair, most everything has been packed and put away, but there are a few stragglers still around our house. I’m not sure if the Santa Mouse pocket thing made by MomC is still hanging because it was missed or if it is yet to be put away … but I’m not planning to remind her. We’ll see how long it can hang on? 😉

I ordered a secondhand book on Ebay by famed investor Barton Biggs and am really looking forward to reading it and discussion with my friend Jeff (he’ll read nearly anything I recommend) HA! The book, “Wealth, War and Wisdom,” is a bit controversial and blends World War II and market performance and “lessons can help the twenty-first century investor comprehend our own perilous times as well as choose the best strategies for the modern market economy.” Although 368 pages, will be a quick read since when it is received, it will move to the top of my reading pile and has has my interest piqued.


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