HelloFresh.com: the good (delicious) and the bad (expensive)

Posted By on February 2, 2022

We were late to trying the HelloFresh.com fresh meal kit plans and put off cooking the first two fresh meals a week. When we finally did get around to fixing them, they were still reasonable fresh and the excellent recipes and produce shocked us at just how tasty the first meal was. I had already cancelled our discounted “promo” membership since I was afraid we would not get around to cooking them in a timely manor … and regretted the decision.


After rethinking our rash cancellation, I took up the email offer to reinstate our account and began selecting our next two meals.

Unfortunately once an account is cancelled, the discounted promo offer disappears and everything is priced at the full price plus shipping ($60 for 2 “normal” meals – a steep price in my opinion). So, I chatted with a agent just to see if they could reinstate the promo, but they will not … so after the first two meals (that Balsamic Tomato and Herb Chicken was excellent) … we will give up on the weekly “meal kit” plan. Bummer.


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