Wintertime workshop tinkering: Screw plugs and a coping sled

Posted By on February 1, 2022

PlugCuttingTest220130For a soon to tackle project in the woodworking workshop, I tinkered with my older plug cutter in order to hide the heads of a few drywall screws. For a test, I used contrasting wood just to see how much gap there was going to be – it looks as if it will work.

RocklerCopingSledOrderPrice220125To cut end grain on frame rails or miscellaneous pieces on my 40-year old handmade laminate router table, I usually used the table saw miter gauge in a slot on the router table, but have always admired and planned to make a router coping sled. Whenever I’ve needed one there has never been time to make one, and since I had an $80 debit card from a rebate burning a hole in my pocket (and closing in on the expiration date) … I decided to take advantage of a sale at Rockler and buy their Rockler Rail Coping Sled SKU: 52149 with the free shipping. A personally handmade one would have been nice, but this one is just right too.



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