Paper magazines/newspaper delivery woes and shrinkflation

Posted By on February 17, 2022


Well, two doses of disappointing news in one week. First, the Bengals lose in Super Bowl 56, and then my Barron’s magazine gets smaller with even smaller type (requires a second pair of readers!). They call it “shrinkflation” in an attempt to save a few dollars and probably force subscribers into a 100% digital subscription. I must be getting old as I miss my printing and ink on paper days. And if that wasn’t enough, the week ending “shrunken” Friday published paper Barron’s magazine is no longer going to be delivered on Saturday … and not until Monday! Frankly by the time I pick up 3 to 4 day old financial stories on a Monday night, they are no longer all that important or interesting, besides it was my weekend reading.


To make matters even more challenging, I also received an email from the publisher of the Wall Street Journal telling me that my Saturday WSJ is no longer going to be delivered on Saturday morning, but now on Sunday. I know … the message is clear. It is time to go fully digital. Still … browsing the newspaper or sifting through the table of contents isn’t the same on a computer, tablet or smartphone and I definitely miss reading content (that said, I do often spot the article in the paper and finish reading it on the iPad). The Times They Are-A-Changin’



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