A little praise for our HelloFresh trial and now subscription

Posted By on April 5, 2022

IMG_3736_mWhen it comes to FRESH meals in a box, we’re relative newcomers to any of the meal plans … including the one we’re trying from HelloFresh. We have been pretty happy with ordering from Omaha Steaks over the years, but that’s not a “fresh” meal … just thaw and toss on the grill (my wheelhouse). So a couple month ago we ordered a trial on a whim and  figured since it is just the two of us nowadays, we would  try and then cancel if we didn’t like it. We haven’t been disappointed so far. IMG_3784

Our  first two meals were great (the early ones are discounted) and both of us realized just how much of our meal prep and cooking was in a rut.  We “know what we know” (a butchered Confucius saying) and “it’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick” (idiom). But surprise, the recipes and excellent instruction were easy to follow and it also “forced” us to try something new. After a couple of weeks, Brenda commented … “why don’t we continue the subscription?”


Our meals don’t look quite as fancy as the photos in cookbooks, magazines or even the recipe cards, but the taste has been excellent. I don’t think we’ve wasted one bite. The  prices with shipping after the discounted period is a bit more than I would normally want to pay, but we don’t eat out much anymore, so fixing a new tasty meal has become a weekend “dinner and a movie” date!



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