Our driveway disappointment is one step closer to resolution

Posted By on April 6, 2022

Our concrete driveway is not small … and if you add to our front drive to the rear paved driveway, it is fair to say that we have a lot of moneyDrivewayRearRolling220404 invested in concrete and asphalt.

So … when last year’s front driveway replacement didn’t go well, we ended up in a dispute (friendly) with the company when it came to paying the bill. Winter put a damper on all but a legal remedy and both parties preferred finding a solution besides going to court or property liens.

Long story short,” we agreed on repaving our 15 year old asphalt driveway in the rear and a “spillway cut-thru” to resolve our occasional backyard water retention problem. The rear drive was in need of crack-filling and sealing anyway and had quite a few alligatored areas so it was time to do something. It is early in the season and we both wanted to resolve our differences … so instead of replacing concrete and messing up things again after landscaping or a monetary discount, we opted for a rear re-pave.

So far, so good as their asphalt crew is very professional and thankfully does excellent work … now let’s hope the final piece of the puzzle comes together.



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