Archive: My mom saved way too much stuff … and so do I #TBT

Posted By on April 7, 2022

RichC_SundaySchoolColoring1963While clearing out a few more old boxes and tossing junk in preparation for new floors in my office (and guest bedroom) last weekend, I just couldn’t throw this 1963 “fine artwork” colored by yours truly without taking a photo and archiving on my blog. A digital image take up far less space then paper in a box.

My mom didn’t save everything, but she saved a lot. Of course I’m not much better considering I’ve had this in a box since she passed away. Saving it any longer just doesn’t make that much sense … but I couldn’t throw it away before taking a photo and thinking: “Hm, I could post this to my blog for Throwback Thursday #TBT … if that is still a thing anymore?”


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