Taylor is planning to own rather than rent in Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted By on July 28, 2022


A bit of news from my son Taylor who has decided to buy a condo in Cincinnati rather than renting a few blocks away. He has been looking for a while now and pondered a house vs property vs urban condo or townhouse. Escalating prices since the pandemic turned and rising rates in both lending and rent has made this a bit more of a priority – he still really loves his current apartment.


Eventually looking has turned to making a offer … although with bidding wars results in disappointment … but this time his offer was accepted. We are excited for him and looking forward to his continued goal of being part of the Cincinnati Renaissance. KE_57226a98406e74ae3b1fe16fbe8352aa-uncropped-scaled-within-1344-1008



Zillow listing photos for 705 E McMillan St #3, Cincinnati, OH 45206 – July 2022 and a video:


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