Repairs: Contemplating an electric pool pump motor rebuild

Posted By on September 16, 2022

SchoolBusDriveway220914Besides noticing that a new school bus driver has decided to use our driveway as a turn around spot (should not be “the norm”) … I took apart the old 2017 pool pump motor. Last week I replaced the old motor with a new one (again) suspecting the shortened life (in my opinion) is due to a leaking pump.CorrosionPoolMotor220904 But before rebuilding the pump with new gaskets, etc, I was curious if I could save the $250 electric motor rebuild cost by tackling myself.

First was trying to figure out how to get the Century Centurian Chinese version of the AO Smith motor properly disassembled; I still do not know the face bearing setup? The corrosion is substantial on the failed bearing and so I’ll probably need a few of the washer and parts to fit/pack the bearing into the housing. Thankfully the electric motor parts (rotor and stator) looks ok. 


Also … I added this week’s “Owl hoots” to my August post about Great Horned Owls.


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