A couple Great Horned Owls surprised us with their hoots

Posted By on August 29, 2022

OwlEyesNeither photo is mine, but Brenda and I were both startled in hearing the sounds of owls coming from was seemed like inside the house.

  Great Horned Owl Hoots

After we slowly crept around inside our house, wondering where they were, we deciphered that the “hoots” were coming from the fireplace. "Hm, were they “in” the flue or just sitting on top?

After walking outside at dusk, there they were, Great Horned Owls perched up on top of the chimney cap … just like the woodpecker was in 2017. They were HUGE. And just as I thought about heading inside to get my camera, the pair spread their 4-foot wide or larger (did I mention they were HUGE!) wings and flew away. Amazing birds.


EDIT: Since “one” of them visited again and hooted on 9/13/2022 and I recorded him or her in front of the fireplace, below is the two-hoot segment:


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