A beautiful pile of lumber is air drying and beach pop

Posted By on October 12, 2022


The sawmill has returned Katelyn and Drew‘s lumber and it’s a BIG pile (very exciting!)

What Is Air-Drying?

Air-drying lumber simple means to stack lumber and expose it to the outdoors. Depending on the species of wood and desired moisture content the air-drying process could take several months to almost a year. Make sure to properly stack the wood for sufficient air circulation.

DietPepsiCooler2210011While clearing the lot before breaking ground for their new house, quite a few mature trees needed to be cut and some could be timbered. They hope to use some of the wood from their lot in their new home. The big positive for me is that there looks to be enough that I can haul some home and hopefully season to use for woodworking.

I’m not too familiar with seasoning green lumber since most everything I’ve used previously has been kiln dried. I’ve tried a couple times in the past to season without kiln drying, but it hasn’t been very successful. Perhaps a little more reading.

A leftover from our beach trip was that we finally figured out the best way to carry and keep cold a couple bottles of pop/soda to the beach … it only took us a half dozen coolers and 40 years.


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